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The Amazing Benefits of Spirulina to Your Health


The smallest living unit of our body is the cell. We have 30 trillion cells in our body that are ready and able to defend us internally. Each of this cells heal, repair, protect, regenerate and rebuild itself, as long as it has sufficient supply of food energy and important vitamins and nutrients. It is also vitally important to detoxify our cells, or rid our body of toxic substances and metabolic wastes.

One of the highly potent all-natural nutrients that boost our health is Spirulina, which is derived from seaweeds or algae. However, the highest quality of Spirulina is harvested from blue-green algae, cultivated in a strictly controlled environment and farm in Malaysia.

 12 Tablets of Dxn Spirulina contain;

Dxn Spirulina
Dxn Spirulina

Dxn Spirulina

Dxn Spirulina has;
2300 % more Iron than spinach                
3900 % more Beta-carotene than carrots
300 % more Calcium than whole milk       
375 % more Protein than soya                  
               more phyto-nutrients                          
31 times more powerful than blueberries
60 times more powerful than spinach      
Dxn Spirulina is the most complete, balanced and nutritious super food on earth, as has been recently declared by the World Health Organization (WHO

It is derived from blue-green algae.

Dxn company is the first direct selling company to produce Spirulina from cultivation process to finished goods.

Only the selected, best species is cultivated.

Naturally cultivated in a green pond.

NO pesticides or herbicides are applied!

Suitable for children, adults and senior citizens.

Spirulina is 100 % alkaline food which helps regulate the acid-alkaline (pH) of the body.                                                                                                                                  
It contains all major nutrients for optimum body performance.

It is also rich in chlorophyll - a pigment that helps in better blood circulation.

World's nutritious food, antioxidant, free radical neutralizer.

It helps replace and form new tissues, transport oxygen and nutrients in our blood and cells, regulate the balance of water and acid in our body and, is needed to make antibodies.

Its high organic iodine content helps counter the effects of radiation.

FDA Certified
HALAL Approved
No side effects


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